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Employee Spotlight – Manager Paul Suchan

At Next Level Valet, we like to get know our employees and associates so that we can work together on what’s best for both the company and the individual. After all, it’s the employees that are what makes the company operate on a day to day basis. Here, we have interviewed one of our managers, Paul Suchan, who has played a pivotal role in our Austin operations!
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Paul and his newborn baby

Tell us about yourself!

I am a Texan, born and raised in the Austin area. I was born in Austin, but grew up in Leander. Throughout my life, I’ve worked a lot of odd jobs, including working in a pastry kitchen, working at a marina on the lake, and night stocking at Target. The longest I’ve worked at a job was working at a rock climbing gym for nearly 5 years, where I found a passion for the sport. After attending high school at Leander High, I took a break from school for a while before going back to ACC to get an EMT degree. After training as an EMT for some time, I realized that I wanted to pursue a career that was less emotionally harrowing and that’s when I reached out to NLV for a job.
“…the growth potential seems to be nearly limitless, since the company itself is still growing and always expanding.”

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time and how does this fit into your work schedule? 

In my spare time, I enjoy doing anything outdoors like hiking on the greenbelt, swimming at Barton Creek, and, of course, rock climbing. I also enjoy quiet time at home with my wife just watching a movie or reading a book. This all easily fits with my work schedule because I work evenings so I have most of the day to do the things I want to outdoors. Hopefully soon I’ll be taking my baby daughter, Skylar, with me on my adventures as well.

What are some of your goals and aspirations?

I’m a simple guy that isn’t too wrapped up in material things like cars and clothes. I just want my family and I to be able to live comfortably while still doing the things we enjoy.

What does success mean to you?

Success, to me, is being able to provide for yourself and your family, so that everyone is happy and healthy. Also, the feeling a sense of pride, satisfaction and enjoyment what you do is a part of being successful.
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Paul working hard at one of our popular downtown accounts, Eddie V’s on 5th street and San Jacinto

How long have you been with the company and what are your responsibilities as a manager? 

I was hired in January of 2016, I’ve been with the company for a little over year. From the flexible hours to the restaurants that we serve, it’s been a great time so far. As a manager, I’m responsible for writing the schedules, making sure our accounts are stocked with supplies, entering payroll information, hiring, training and, of course, the normal valet work.


How has working for NLV helped you to reach your goals? 

Working for NLV has helped me to reach some of my own personal financial goals and has been providing me with opportunities to reach all of my goals by promoting me up through the company, which has allowed me to be able to afford to start a family. Also, the growth potential seems to be nearly limitless, since the company itself is still growing and always expanding. The way I way I see it, as long as I keep working hard and giving NLV everything I have to offer, there’s no reason I can’t grow with the company and be able to provide my family with a great lifestyle.
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Tips on Tipping Valet

Why should I tip valet? 

NLV employees work hard to ensure the best experience for their guests

NLV associates work hard to ensure the best experience for their guests, every time and under all circumstances.

First and foremost, it’s important to assess the value of the service being provided before you consider how much you should “tip valet”. Things such as  visit frequency, the weather, your wait time,and overall service play a major role when considering gratuity amount. If you frequent an establishment you might consider tipping above the average [$4.00] to standout and make yourself memorable, valets can help make reservations and check wait times for their favorite guests, as well as prioritize you on those nights where every minute matters. Having a great relationship with your local valet can honestly make your social outings that much more pleasant. Robert De Niro says it best in his film, Casino, “Always take care of the valet. Valets run the city”.  On days when the weather deters you from wanting to park yourself and walk any distance in harsh conditions, consider that when selecting a tip for your valet, they are more than willing to get wet, sweat or be cold so you don’t have to.  Ultimately you should let your overall experience with the service be the final determining factor when deciding upon a tip, if your valet went above and beyond maybe retrieving an item left behind in a parked car, opened all vehicle doors  or used your name on both the inbound and outbound services, you might consider a higher tip to show you recognize  their level of service.  Furthermore the tip should ALWAYS be given at the conclusion for your valet experience this allows for you to adequately gauge your service before deciding a tip amount.

What’s an appropriate tip?

Tipping the valet can be a tricky and sometimes touchy subject. Most people don’t want to tip too much and spend their last dollar and they certainly don’t want to leave the valet feeling unappreciated. One thing that’s important to distinguish is whether or not the valet is complementary. If you had to pay a fee to valet park and you feel as though you were provided exceptional service, most valet employees would agree with the following legend key for tipping:

$1-$2 is appreciated

$2-$3  is average

$4-$5  is great

$5+ is memorable 

If your valet was complementary and you feel as though you were provided exceptional service, most valet employees would agree with the following legend key for tipping:

$2-3 is appreciated

$4-5 is average

$6+ is great

$10+ is memorable 

Any valet employee would be thrilled to receive a $5 bill

Any valet employee would be thrilled to receive a $5 bill

It’s important to keep in mind that the typical valet at most accounts runs an average of 6 miles per shift.


Commonly Asked Questions

My car is right there, why should I tip valet for running 20 feet to get my car? 

Again, one must remember that there’s more to the luxury service of valet than just parking cars. There is a lot of work put into the staging and organization of valeted vehicles. Also, if your car was left up close or near the front, that means that it was deliberately left there as a convenience to you, not by coincedence or as a way to avoid running. Furthermore, valets put in a significant amount of time and care into knowing which guests have just arrived and which guests should be leaving soon, so your car being close may be a reflection of Next Level Service.

I didn’t bring any cash and I want to tip valet, what do I do?

Many Valet companies today accept all major credit and debit card and should have signage informing patrons of this availability.  If there is not signage it doesn’t offend to ask.

Anytime you feel like you’ve been provided with exceptional service that wasn’t necessarily required of the valet, or you feel as though the valet service was exceptional in itself, it would be appropriate to show that individual your appreciation.